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A boaster could use the Forer effect’s characterisation [1] to persuade the victim that their assessment is accurate. Items as “despite your weaknesses, you can be able to compensate them” or “taking an interest in your well-being is one of your main goals in life” might be examples. Phoney astrologers, newspaper astrologers and fortune-tellers use this technique to get money undeservedly.

On the other hand, actual astrology is a complex symbolic pattern applied to an individual’s behavioural and psychological analysis. With its set of interdependent factors (signs, planets, houses, etc.), the natal chart provides a pretty detailed overview, fully respectful of the analogy laws.

Conversely, the zodiacal signs’ traits often match the Forer model because of their generalisation. However, these features are legitimate from an astrological perspective but should be meant only as a part of a broader astrology scheme.


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