The Forer effect (or Barnum effect) is considered a psychological manifestation based on sufficiently vague descriptions to suit many individuals.
Bertram R. Forer (1914-2000)

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In this way, characterisations are perceived as accurate by the subjects they are addressed to because an acceptance phenomenon is established.

A braggart might use the Forer effect’s characterisation to persuade the victim that their assessment is accurate. Examples such as “despite your weaknesses, you may be able to compensate for them” or “caring for your well-being is one of your main goals in life” could be examples. Fake astrologers, newspaper astrologers and fortune-tellers use this technique to get money undeservedly.

On the other hand, actual astrology is a complex symbolic model applied to behavioural and psychological analysis. The birth chart provides a detailed overview, in full compliance with the analogy laws with its set of interdependent factors (signs, planets, houses, etc.).

In contrast, the traits of the zodiac signs often match the Forer model due to their generalisation. However, these characteristics are legitimate from an astrological point of view but should only be understood as part of a larger astrology scheme.