The effects of a fake astrology
Bertram R. Forer (1914-2000)

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The Forer effect, also known as the Barnum effect, is a psychological phenomenon where a vague description can apply to many individuals. In this way, the characterisations are perceived as accurate by the subjects to whom they are addressed because a phenomenon of acceptance is established.

Someone who brags might utilise the Forer effect’s characterisation to convince their target that their evaluation is correct. They may use phrases like “even though you have weaknesses, you can still make up for them” or “ensuring your well-being is a top priority in your life.” This technique is often employed by phoney astrologers, newspaper astrologers, and fortune-tellers to extract undeserved payments.

In contrast, authentic astrology is an intricate symbolic framework utilised for examining the individual’s behaviour and psychology. The birth chart furnishes a thorough summary that adheres to the laws of analogy through its interdependent factors, such as zodiac signs, planets, and houses.

It is worth noting that the traits associated with the zodiac signs often align with the Forer model because of their generalisation. It should be acknowledged that these characteristics are based on astrology, but they should be considered within the context of a more comprehensive astrological system.