The poetic expression of astrology is the coming back to the heavenly homeland.

Italian version

In its poetic essence, Astrology reflects the inner human nature in heavenly things. Poetry creates images that do not offer a rational counterpart but bring us closer to understanding a fact directly, intuitively, without the need for intellectual mediation.

Before being the production of words in verse according to a specific metric, the poiesis corresponded, according to Plato’s Socratic dialogues, to the ability to bring into being something that did not exist before. It complements the physis – nature – and transforms itself into the earthly manifestation of the world of ideas. The same poetic verse adds a layer of rhythmic meaning to the prose that goes beyond the words, developing in the common thread that weaves the weft of becoming. Without poetry, whether or not it is in rhyme form, the word loses its creative potential; it becomes just information.

In this scenario, astrology becomes an instrument not only of the relationship between a natural reality, the planetary one, and the being who observes it – this is a task that belongs to scientific-astronomical thought. Astrology is the union between the observer’s consciousness and the celestial phenomenon; it offers sense and meaning to an unfolding of phenomena that would remain fragmented without the intervention of a conscious order. The astrologer, as a poet, does not stop at the presence of the fact, but creates it, reproduces it intimately and then objectifies it in the planetary reality. It is the marriage between macrocosm and microcosm; it is a miracle of a nature that becomes one with those who contemplate it, even if so distant. Astrology is a poetic creation of natural reality, not an interpretation of it.

If we then understand philosophy in its natural meaning of “desire to know” (sophia), we can understand astrology as a philosophy; provided that one has the foresight to consider philosophers (or astrologers) those who seek the light of knowledge and not those who stop at perceivable appearances. As the sun illuminates otherwise obscure bodies, so the consciousness contains within itself the power of productive vision, which discloses the meanings and integrates them harmoniously in the human being according to a well-defined vibratory sequence, which in the case of astrology is that of planetary cycles.